Our mission at Voice For The People (V4P) is: 1) to promote people power in crafting and implementing solutions to our most pressing social, economic and environmental challenges; and 2) to protect and defend our achievements from legal challenges in offshore investment courts created in trade agreements as a backdoor to democracy.  We will utilize education, grassroots organizing and strategic legal action.

Vision & Goal

V4P believes in the positive power of globalization, and is a project for trade and democracy.  V4P promotes a progressive vision for globalization in which international trade agreements reinforce democracy and incent sustainable economic growth.  Our goal is simple, but admittedly immodest—we aim to transform U.S. policy on trade and globalization.

Generally, V4P advocates replacing of the “free trade” economic hypothesis embodied by NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) with a progressive model in which trade and globalization are tools for realizing broadly shared peace and prosperity.  

Specifically, V4P advocates for fundamental reforms to the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) system enshrined in thousands of international trade treaties.   ISDS has been referred to as “secret trade courts” by the New York Times, “a private global super court” by BuzzFeed, a “secretive super-court system,” and The Nation magazine says the system was devised to “overturn American democracy.”  At V4P, we describe ISDS as “Corporate Nationhood.”

Whatever name it goes by, ISDS dramatically expands the power of multinational corporations to challenge local, state and national efforts to advance the public interest—specifically in the critical arenas of climate and economic regulation.

Strategies for a Better World

V4P’s mission, i.e. to protect and defend people power, is built around our core beliefs about how society makes progress toward a better world.  Local organizing coordinated across political, economic and national boundaries is the foundation of social progress.  From abolition, women’s suffrage and civil rights to minimum wages, the weekend and the Clean Water Act, grassroots coalitions are the foundation on which social progress is built.  Anything that limits, constrains or undermines this fundamental process of change is antithetical to building a better world.

V4P is not looking to re-invent the wheel.  Rather, V4P will employ tried and true techniques for bringing about positive change—education, grassroots mobilization and strategic legal action.